Thursday, March 8, 2012

Changes at Venue Where a Poem of Mine was Shortlisted

Michele's response to this: "this is nuts!". My reaction to this: mild befuddlement and slight frustration:

"Dear Contributor,

Thank you for your submission(s), and we regret that it has taken so long to get back to you regarding our shortlisted selections as well as when we are going to be publishing.

The bad news:

Due to changes in our business plans, Dark Eye Glances will NOT be published as an anthology as originally planned. The existing website will be archived, and it will no longer feature new poetry submissions.

The good news:

As a brand and a publishing imprint, Dark Eye Glances will be subsumed into our wonderful new monthly publication, Deathly Romantic™ Magazine, which will include only a few poems per issue. Given that we have already shortlisted many submissions, we will be selecting a few of them for possible inclusion in the April issue of Deathly Romantic. Successful contributors will be notified within about a week from now, and then they will be given an opportunity to decide whether they would still like us to publish their work. In future issues, we may also contact others who have submitted poetry to Dark Eye Glances, but rest assured your work will not be published without your permission.

Please feel free to submit your work elsewhere...we thank you for giving us an opportunity to read your excellent poetry, which was the best of all the submissions we received. "

Will my dark poem originally shortlisted for publication in the Dark Eye Glances anthology be selected for possible publication in the new Deathly Romantic Magazine? Does my dark poem about battling "despised wretches" in a medieval-esque dreamworld match the aesthetic of this new magazine? Stay tuned to find out!

Anyone wonder why I'm almost to the point of not giving a damn anymore?

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