Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Your Bloody Face

I see your face in all things.
It mouths silent words of love
On a blank monitor screen.
It stares sadly back at me
From a rain-streaked window pane.
It appears amongst the crowd
On a bustling city street.

I see your face at all times.
It bothers my troubled dreams
And follows me through the day.
It lurks within my mad mind
And haunts my guilt-ridden soul.
It's there when I close my eyes,
A reminder of my crime.

I see your face before me.
Its gore-stained cheeks bear pale tracks
Where tears washed away the blood.
Its sunken eyes full of death
Drive me to a grisly fate.
It laughs at the irony
As hot lead rips through my brain.

(Originally published in Tales from the Moonlit Path, Issue 9, February 2008.)

Copyright © 2008 Richard H. Fay

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