Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Rejection, With Comments...

Sometimes, I think it would be better if editorial teams didn't comment on rejections. Case in point: a previously published artwork of mine was just recently turned down, with comments to the effect of "the lined drawing detracts more than enhances" (WHAT?), and the artwork didn't "wow" them or "grab" them enough to reprint it in their zine. (One of the three members of the team actually thought the artwork wasn't bad, and said they could go for it .)

Of course, the venue ended the rejection letter with a pretty standard "opinions differ" disclaimer. Opinions differ alright; the editor that originally accepted the piece for publication obviously disagreed with these opinions. On the other hand, some opinions are just plain off. The comment about the lined drawing seems particularly amiss, considering that my colour artwork consists of line drawings coloured in digitally. As colourful as my colour artwork may be, the line is still the thing.

I know some say it is wrong to comment about rejections, but the comments made in some rejections are just plain wrong. This very same venue did publish a reprint artwork of mine in the past, so you would think they would be aware of my style. Guess not.

Perhaps I must write another place off my list of potentials. Not that the place pays much for art. Anyway, I'm undoubtedly better off concentrating on composing artwork for people in the publication business who appreciate my style (like the author who is having me illustrate her books - she seems to appreciate my linework).

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RHFay said...

BTW, this same rejecting venue rejected another of my artworks a while back with comments about the swirling lines in the piece being too busy. Another venue has since accepted the "too busy" artwork for publication later this year.

I'm starting to think that, the one artwork of mine they did publish aside, the editorial team over at the rejecting venue doesn't really like my artistic style. If that's the case, I'm wasting my time trying for a repeat appearance of my art in their zine.

That's the way it goes.