Sunday, February 19, 2012

Does Troy Not Want Businesses?

Troy PD and the powers that be in the city seem to be dragging their feet in regard to the investigation of the suspicious fire and subsequent break-ins at Flavour Cafe, which happens to be my favourite cafe. The owner can't begin rebuilding until he gets the results of the fire investigation handed over to his insurance company. The Troy PD says that an investigation like this can take months, but they apparently haven't interviewed all of the people who saw suspicious activity the night of the fire. They interviewed the owner of the cafe several times.

Mind you, I was under the impression that there were two separate suspicious fires in Troy the night of the fire at Flavour Cafe, although officials claim the fires were unrelated. Oh, really? I also think there have been a number of suspicious fires in the region over the past several months. Perhaps there is a serial firebug in the area, a firebug that the Troy PD hasn't caught yet.

Of course, it was Friday the 13th. Maybe that date inspired two separate sicko firebugs to set fires at two different locations. Maybe Troy was lucky it saw only three fires that night (the third was accidental).

I'm very disappointed in how Troy is handling this. You would think they don't want businesses in Troy, a city that needs all the businesses it can get! Do they want yet another empty building in Troy, a city plagued with vacant storefronts? There are loyal Flavour customers in Troy and its surrounding environs. Maybe the city should wake up to that fact - Flavour had become something of a Troy fixture.

Link to the latest about Flavour, the fire, and the break-ins:
Link to the initial news story about the fires that night:

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