Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Couple of Reprints

Firstly...I didn't know this was already out (release date February 15th), 'til today, but...

New Bedlam Town Archives, Vol. 1 is now available in electronic form. It includes, among other works, my dark poem "The Damnation of Daniel Brewster". I consider this to be one of my best poems, but one that has only previously appeared in The New Bedlam Project. Now it is available in New Bedlam Town Archives, Vol. 1.

New Bedlam, Town Archives, Vol. 1 can be purchased, in variable e-formats, at Smashwords, and as a Kindle edition at

I would love it if people bought a copy and read my poem to see just what I am capable of writing when the muse is shouting in my ear, when inspiration strikes like a thunderbolt.

Secondly, my poem "Peg Powler" is among the twelve poems chosen by the poetry editor over at Aphelion as the best poems of 2011. So, a link to the poem appears in Aphelion's ToC for their February 2012 issue, which contains the regular issue plus the best of 2011.

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