Monday, February 20, 2012


My fantasy artwork "In the Dragon Realm" now appears on the cover of Kids'Magination Magazine, Issue 8. Check it out!

Composition-wise, I consider this one to be a part of a series of artworks that includes "Morning Stars Sing in the Speculative Realm" and my cover artwork for Shelly Bryant's Under the Ash. All three have, as a base of the image, a dragon or serpent lurking in a hollow beneath the ground. "Morning Stars Sing in the Speculative Realm" came first (completed March 2010), followed by "In the Dragon Realm" (completed April 2010) and then the cover art for Under the Ash (completed May 2010).

The other two in this "dragon/serpent under the ground" series had been published a while ago (December 2010 for the Under the Ash cover art, and August 2011 for "Morning Stars Sing in the Speculative Realm"). "In the Dragon Realm" was supposed to have been published in another venue back in September of 2010, but that never panned out. I'm glad it has finally seen publication in Kids'Magination.

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