Thursday, December 1, 2011

No Reply Blues (Again): Do I Withdraw the Piece?

It's been a month since I sent the latest status query to a place that has had a poem of mine under consideration since April 28th. They replied (within a few minutes) to the first query I sent back on July 14th, stating that they were terribly behind in responses but my poem was still under consideration. I received no reply at all to the second query I sent on September 12th. I sent the third and latest query via e-mail and the editor's on-line contact form, and have yet to receive a response. Something tells me I'm not going to receive one.

So, is it time to withdraw the poem and send it elsewhere? Do I assume silence means rejection? How long do I put up with this lack-of-reply rudeness? (Yes, it IS rude! The only time I find a lack of reply acceptable is when the guidelines state clearly that the editor does not reply to rejections and give some sort of timeline.)

As much as it would have been a step up for something of mine to appear in the venue in question, there are other venues that are willing to publish my works (look at my list of publications if you doubt me). I don't see any of my poems as throw-away pieces. If a piece doesn't work for a particular place, there are plenty of other places to try. Of course, considering how many editors frown on simultaneous submissions, I can't really try the next place until a piece has been rejected or withdrawn from the previous venue, unless the next place happens to be one that is okay with simultaneous submissions.

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