Monday, February 14, 2011

"Vengeance of the Alpe" Now Available Through ANTHOLOGY BUILDER

My dark fantasy short story "Vengeance of the Alpe", originally published in the All Souls' Night 2010 issue of Hungur, is now available for inclusion in custom-built anthologies created through the Anthology Builder site. The story would probably work in either a fantasy anthology or a horror anthology, since it contains both fantasy and horror elements. It would certainly work in a wizard-themed anthology, or a vampire-themed anthology, or a shape-shifter-themed anthology, or an evil dwarf-themed anthology, or even an anthology of stories about the darker side of fairy lore (the alpe are often included amongst the ranks of fairy beings).

Yeah, I covered a lot of bases in that particular story. I like to cross genre boundaries, when I can.

On the Anthology Builder site, I'm calling "Vengeance of the Alpe" primarily a dark fantasy piece, with fantasy and horror as additional genres. I'm not quite sure what to call it, genre-wise, so I'm going with what seems to be the best fit. My teaser blurb on the site reads as follows:

A dark sorcerer summons the blood-thirsty alpe to wreak vengeance upon the beautiful maid that rejected him.

(I'm open to any suggestions regarding how I might "spice up" the blurb a bit.)

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