Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No HOUSE OF HORROR (e-zine) Issue 20

I received word today that there will be no Issue 20 of the House of Horror e-zine, which was to be the last issue of the e-zine before they switched entirely to print. What does this mean for me? Well, I think my dark and disturbing poem "Visages of Betrayal and Madness" was accepted for publication in that issue. According to the message I received, all works accepted for Issue 20 of the House of Horror e-zine have been released back to the contributors. So, my troubled dark and disturbing poem sees yet more trouble finding a second home (it was originally published in Issue 8 of the now-defunct horror zine The Monsters Next Door).

This story is more proof, if any more proof is needed, that there are no guarantees in the realm of publication. An acceptance does not guarantee publication. Too much can change between when a piece is accepted and when it finally sees publication.

Now off to see if I can find yet another potential market for this particular reprint. If at first you don't succeed, bang your head against the brick wall until you're bruised and bloodied. Bang! Bang! Bang...

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