Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rejection #4

Boy, there are times I hate being right! When I proclaimed "Let the Rejections Begin" after I first sent out my wizardly fantasy story, I was being quite prophetic. The story has received rejection number four. Alas, I may have to start trying the semi-pros and fan-zines; I'm not sure how many potential pro-venues are left to try. I'm ruling out a few pro-venues; this particular story may be the wrong fit for certain pro publications.

Something told me that this story would have a hard time finding a good home. Not that I think the story is necessarily bad or flawed (certain opinions aside). It's simply that I wrote the story that was in my head, versus the sort of story I think the markets may prefer. Probably the biggest flaw with this story is that I neglected the golden rule of "write for your audience". Writing for oneself doesn't always work, at least in terms of writing for publication.

Will my wizardly short story ever find a home? I hope so, eventually, but I may have to set my sights lower. I'll just have to keep trying and see what happens.

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