Wednesday, December 15, 2010


It looks like my artwork "Wandering Ole Willow" may be appearing on a cover of OG'S Speculative Fiction, perhaps the next issue (Jan. 15th.). Apparently, that's the current plan, or so says the Opinion Guy editor. Now I just have to fill out and send back the artist's release form.

This is a rather big sale for me, and another possible cover to boot. Not bad for the artist who once worried his art might never work as cover art. I guess I just had to do the usual thing of coming up with the right pieces for the right markets.

After my recent string of rejections, this bit of good news had me doing a happy dance. Yes, I actually got up and did a happy dance. Of course, I don't want to get too happy until the piece actually sees publication. Believe me, I know lots can go wrong between acceptance and publication. Still, receiving this acceptance today has lifted my spirits tremendously. I was wondering yet again whether this was all worth it, and news such as this makes me think it is (for a little while at least).

Now, if I could only have sales like this on a more regular basis...

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