Sunday, February 7, 2010

Reprint Poems Accepted at APHELION

Four of my poems originally published in various issues of The Monsters Next Door, as well as one published in the Scattered Verses, Moonlit Curses dark poetry anthology, have been accepted for publication in forthcoming issues of the web-zine Aphelion.

"Howling on the Moor", originally published May 2009 in Scattered Verses, Moonlit Curses, will appear in the March issue. My cinquain "When Hunger Takes Me" , originally published March 2009 in The Monsters Next Door Issue 6, will appear in the April issue. My horrorku "parting red curtains", "glimmering embers", and "black leathery wings", all originally published September 2008 in The Monsters Next Door Issue 4, will appear in the May, June, and July issues, respectively.

I'm glad these will be back on-line (this will be the first appearance of "Howling on the Moor" on-line), and I'm glad they fill in an otherwise thin list of forthcoming publications. They may not be new poems, but reprints are better than nothing.

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