Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Galactic Road Trip

Galactic Road Trip

Time and space being relative,
One can always burn the former
To travel through the latter.
Fire up the plasma drive,
Pack your environment suit,
Tune in an ambient wave,
And go for a galactic joy ride!

Zip to the Zynterra System.
Sip some puguberry wine
At the Corrosive Cafe.
Watch the blue binary suns set
Over the yellow Sulphur Sea.
Pay your bill (or not) and take off
Before the acid tide surges in.

Rocket to Ragobomax.
Witness the rainbow ion storm
And get an energizing jolt
From the glowing electron stream.
Visit the robotics chop-shop.
Buy a chrome-plated co-pilot
And program in the next stop.

Star hop to Hyptaris.
See qualumps cross the orange sands
And follow the Strill caravans
To the celestial bazaar.
Make your way to the Darkside Club.
Dance the eternal night away,
But leave before the end of time.

Dive into the nearest wormhole,
Slingshot through the fifth dimension,
Accelerate faster than light.
Break the temporal barrier,
Spy the universal secrets,
Give your past self a friendly wave,
Then sail the solar winds home.

(Poem originally published in Tales of the Talisman Volume IV, Issue 1, Summer 2008).


My illustration for "Galactic Road Trip" now accompanies the poem in the on-line version of Abandoned Towers. It also appears on merchandise in the Abandoned Towers Zazzle Store.

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