Friday, February 5, 2010


Today, I received my contributor's copies of Dreams and Nightmares 85. This issue contains my filler art "Plantimal", on page 11, below Bruce Boston's poem "Death of a Changeling". The publication of "Plantimal" is actually my first publication of 2010.

Does this herald a trend toward more art publications and less writing publications? I don't know. Perhaps it simply heralds more balance between the two facets of my creativity.

I know acceptances and publications seem to be fewer and farther between this year than in past years, but that's okay. Some of this is due to the fact that I've been spending less time getting individual poems, articles, and art sent out to various venues, and more time working on bigger projects. Plus, I still have a few poems, articles, and illustrations on my list of forthcoming publications. I also know that I have a handful of illustrations yet to do for things being published later this year. So I'm not worried that I'm going to fade away, not just yet. Not to mention, I'm still hopeful that my one illustrated dark poetry collection will come out later this year. (Which reminds me, I had better respond to the poetry editor's edits later today.)

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