Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mould Ate my Leather Armour!

While cleaning house over the weekend, I noticed worrying spots on the back of my wax-hardened leather scale armour. Upon further inspection, I realised that the whole lower half of the back, scales and backing leather, was covered by spots of mould. The scales had been treated by immersion in melted wax, and the backing leather by a varnish, but the mould got through anyway.

Alas, there was no saving the scale shirt. The mould growth looked too extensive, and was particularly bad under the overlap of the scales. I bagged up my ruined armour and threw it away. There goes a couple hundred dollars worth of leather and several days' work down the drain. Granted, the piece had been on display in my home for many years now, but that doesn't really lessen the pain.

I hate the humidity here in upstate New York, just a few blocks from the Hudson River. I especially hate the mould that seems to grow so prolifically around here. This growth was particularly bad in our previous place of residence, one of the reasons we moved back in July. And I am furious when my things get ruined by this mould from hell, something that had happened before (again, in our previous residence).

Oh well, if ever I find the time and money to make it possible, I will have to go ahead and make a replacement scale shirt. And I just found out that this armourer recently added DIY steel scales to his inventory. So, perhaps I can actually create an improved version, one where I don't have to worry as much about mould. Rust will still be an issue, but there are ways of dealing with rust.

Unfortunately, I don't think I ever took any pictures of my leather scale armour. It did look impressive.

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