Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Holy Cow!

Today, I finally received a couple of copies of Abandoned Towers #3 featuring my cover art "A Leviathan Ascendant". I wanted one to frame, and one to add to my growing collection of contributor's copies (I was sent a contributor's pdf, but I just had to order actual print copies). Plus, my wife wants to take one into work to show off. I believe she thinks that some of her coworkers don't quite get it when she says I did the cover art for a magazine (albeit, a small-press one).

Well, I opened the box, peeled back the plastic, and literally exclaimed "holy cow!". I knew this image happened to be one of my best drawings yet, but seeing it for the first time in its full-colour glossy glory was an amazing sight. I am actually impressed by my own art, which doesn't happen very often. Usually, I'm my worst critic, finding microscopic flaws, discovering non-existent faults. I get so bad at times that my daughter says I have "art-orexia". Not this time. This time I'm quite pleased with my work. And trust me, there is no way to experience the full impact until you hold that zine in your hand.

(And, let me give some credit to Crystalwizard and her Abandoned Towers team, too, because they came up with a title font that goes great with my serpent.)

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