Thursday, September 3, 2009

Drawing Swords

I've been drawing swords for a clip art project. I used to draw swords and other weapons for fun, during down-time at my former place of employment, and in the process scared my coworkers to no end. They all knew I collected medieval sword replicas, and some thought that I would go completely psycho one day and bring one of my swords to work to wage bloody mayhem.

Silly people, my swords aren't even truly sharp, and anyway, how would I have gotten them past security at the labs? It's not like you can easily conceal a three-foot long piece of polished steel. Besides, I was drawing swords in a purely artistic sense, not a martial one. Some people let their wild imaginations get in the way of any sort of rational sense. I actually dealt with the terrible atmosphere present in those labs by a more reasonable fashion - I left! (Imagine that.)

Anyway, my more enlightened coworkers used to ask me what I was doing in a place like that, when it seemed like I had the talent to draw so well. I was certainly a prolific doodler of deadly weapons. So, now I draw swords for profit. Yippee for me!

Funny how things can work out like that sometimes. It took a while to get to this point (while I was still at the lab I created sword and weapon bookmarks for sale at a local medieval fair that didn't sell nearly as well as my Arthurian character ones), but I'm finally putting my penchant for drawing swords to good use.

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