Sunday, September 20, 2009

Abandoned Towers Magazine On-Line

A while back, Crystalwizard, Managing Editor of Abandoned Towers, asked for help in getting the word out about all the content available at Abandoned Towers on-line. Well, I figured better late than never, so here goes...

Abandoned Towers Magazine has lots of neat reading material on-line, from timeless classics authored by famous names to gems penned by up-and-coming writers, from literature of the fantastic to non-fiction articles, from comics to poetry. Not to mention, you can find plenty of poetry, some art, and even an article by yours truly within the pages of that particular e-zine. There is even an Abandoned Towers Zazzle Store selling cool Abandoned Towers merchandise, much of it featuring my own designs and illustrations. Of course, there is also a print version of Abandoned Towers, but the versions are different. Material appearing in print will not appear on-line, and vice versa. So, even if you purchase print issues, you might still want to browse the on-line version.


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