Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Polar Bears: On the Road to Extinction

This news article just about brought a tear to my eye, and did tie my stomach in knots: Polar bears resort to cannibalism as Arctic ice shrinks.

A while back I had already made a prediction: polar bears will be extinct in the wild, if not within my lifetime, certainly within my daughter's lifetime. It seems as if my dire prediction will come true. Even the US Interior Secretary feels that polar bears may face extinction in the foreseeable future.

The Arctic ice is shrinking. Adapted to life on the ice, polar bears are drowning, starving, and eating their own kind due to this serious change in their environment. Global warming is a real threat to the environment, and polar bears are already suffering dire consequences from this global climate change.

I personally have no doubts that the global climate is warming due to man's activities. We have used and abused this planet for far too long, and now we are seeing the dreadful global results of our irresponsible actions. The majestic polar bear, largest land carnivore on earth, may be one of the first of nature's creatures to suffer extinction due to human-induced global warming.

I just want to thank the critics of global warming, the ones who think man has nothing to so with it. I also want to thank the ones that feel it would be too costly to do something about it. Thank you for robbing my daughter, or my daughter's children, of the chance of seeing polar bears in the wild. Thank you for robbing the polar bears of their chance to live.

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