Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Wrist Cyst Quandary

Today I went to a surgeon's office, fully expecting him to remove a cyst in my wrist. My primary care physician didn't feel comfortable removing it himself, since there seemed to be some nerve issues, so he referred me to a specialist. I had been told by my primary care physician that the removal procedure could be done right in the surgeon's office. Basically, it sounded simple.

After the surgeon examined me, he decided that the cyst in question is a ganglion cyst, even though it's in a peculiar position for that particular type of cyst. And since it seems to be pressing on nerves, causing some tingling and numbness, we both agreed that the cyst should be removed. So, the surgeon now wants to cut open my wrist and cut out the cyst in a week's time. A simple procedure turned into something a bit more complicated.

Even so, at first the procedure didn't sound so terrible. However, after doing some research, I'm not sure I want them messing around with the tendons in my left wrist. I'm a southpaw; I need my left hand to remain functional, and anything done to the tendons worries me. So my quandary becomes the choice of leaving it alone and suffering continued discomfort, or having them perform surgery on my writing and drawing hand and face potential complications. It seems to be a damned-if-you-do, damned if you don't situation, and I'm far from happy at the moment. Actually, I'm downright cranky 'cause of it!

I don't think I will go through with having the surgery done on my wrist. Taking my chances with leaving the cyst alone may be the better option.

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