Thursday, September 18, 2008

Curiouser and Curiouser...

...said Alice.

Weirdness seems to pervade my very being. Not that I set out to be weird; weirdness just follows me wherever I go. There are times I feel like I'm living in Alice's Wonderland.

Case in point - for the past several years I've noticed strange faces and figures appearing periodically on my computer desktop background image. No matter what image I use, no matter where I get the photo from, "little folk" keep forming out of the images of plants, stones, trees, and other natural things.

I seriously doubt this phenomenon is merely a matter of "matrixing", since the same identifiable faces and figures have appeared in different backgrounds. More than one individual spies the same recognizable image. And I know of at least one other person that has reported a similar phenomenon.

Usually the faces and figures are merely amusing, if rather bizarre. At other times, they have taken on a disturbing aspect. When that happens, I know it's time to switch backgrounds. Then I wait for my ethereal friends to gradually make their presence known all over again. And they haven't disappointed me yet.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any stranger, they threw a new trick my way. It seems that my good neighbours of the electronic world have decided to decorate for Halloween!

My current background image is that of a blazing orange sunset over Stonehenge. And what should appear on one of the standing stones, but a hanging skeleton! The skull is most obvious, complete with eye-holes, a hole for the nose, and a slightly jutting brow. The rest of the skeleton seems to peter off into the stone, but I see what look like ribs. It's a most appropriate image for Halloween!

And for those who might question my report, let me just say that the skull turned as I typed in this tale. When I showed it to my wife and daughter, the skull was turned as if facing groundward. Now it's looking out, towards another standing stone in the foreground (probably the one with the prominent face).

If it is the human mind creating familiar forms out of random shapes on an unchanging image, why would those forms move? How did the shadows and highlights change position on an unchanging image?

There is an odd coincidence to this story, which may not really be a coincidence at all. My wife and I were out and about today, and on our journeys we purchased an almost life-sized plastic skeleton Halloween decoration. It's not nearly as realistic as the skeleton on the stone, but I wonder if there is a link. Perhaps the little folk invading my computer screen wish me to decorate for Halloween. After all, the season stirs my creativity, and they seem to thrive on those creative energies.

Then again, I shouldn't claim to truly understand any of this. Maybe we all simply exist on the other side of someone else's cosmic looking glass.

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