Sunday, September 14, 2008

Consequences of Subbing to New Publications

As much as I like the opportunity to submit material to up-and-coming publications, or ones that may turn out to be up-and-coming, there is a dark side to such a practice. I've already run into one example of the negative aspects of submitting to brand-new, untested markets - that of a venue with a grossly less-than-professional attitude towards their publication and contributors. Now I've encountered another facet of the same problem - that of the stillborn market.

My dark speculative cinquain, "Consequences of Taking Too Much", will never see publication by the venue that originally accepted the work, because the magazine in question will never be published. Personal and financial circumstances have forced the editorial team to cease publication before a single issue ever sees the light of day. Of course, I understand that unexpected things happen in life. Plenty of circumstances have thrown a spanner into the works of my own plans and dreams over the years. Still, I am saddened and disappointed by the news.

I would never suggest submitting to established markets only, since some up-and-coming markets can establish themselves pretty quickly. However, I will point out that there are negative aspects to submitting to new publications. Then again, sending your work out there is always risky business. It's the nature of the beast.

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