Sunday, December 17, 2017

Someone Said a Few (Wonderful) Words About My Dark Poem "Necromancy"

Now THIS is the sort of thing I LOVE to see when something of mine is mentioned in a review- from an Amazon customer's review of BETE NOIRE #17:
My favorites in this great collection of short fiction and poetry are "Das Requiem" by Matt Andrew, "Love: Apocalyptic" by Chad Stroup, and "Necromancy" Richard H. Fay. Andrew's hauntingly beautiful imagery draws the reader into a bleak landscape and keeps her on the edge of her seat until the final line. Stroup's piece about Adam's attempts to woo the last woman on earth had me laughing out loud. No word was wasted in Fay's evocative poem. I highly recommend this collection.
 I guess that reviewer liked my poem "Necromancy".

Someone Said A Few (Mixed) Words About My Wizardly Fantasy Story

Last night, I discovered that an Amazon reviewer said a few words about my story "Sing the Bones Alive" in a review of BARDIC TALES AND SAGE ADVICE (Vol. VI). The review contained "A Couple Notes On A Couple Stories".

Here's what the reviewer said about my wizardly fantasy story:

"Sing the Bones Alive." In many ways, this story is the antithesis of the above. Malcolm's Box was low on description and light on prose, but high on emotion and heavy on plot. Sing is high on description and heavy on prose, but low on emotion and plot. The actual writing is fantastic, perhaps the best in this volume, it's just that the story is ultimately a child's fairy tale. Which is fine, but I'm (and probably most readers) not a child. The plot is clear and straightforward, the characters goals and motivations are transparent, there's even the classic happy ending and "moral of the story." A quintessential bedtime story. But as an adult, it was lackluster.
Hmm...well, at least the reviewer thought my actual writing was fantastic, "perhaps the best in this volume". That being said, considering how many folktales and fairy tales I have read as an adult, considering how influenced I am by folktales and fairy tales, I'm not sure I agree with the reviewer's suggestion that such tales aren't for adults. Oh, well, reviewers are entitled to their own opinions.

Anyone else care to leave a review mentioning my wizardly fantasy tale? I would love to find out what others think of the work. Looks like the Kindle edition of BARDIC TALES AND SAGE ADVICE Vol. VI is currently ninety-nine cents over at Amazon.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Today, I Wrote an Academic Recommendation

Sent off an academic recommendation for a writer friend of mine. That's the first time someone has asked for such a recommendation from me. Since last time I had much of anything to do with academia was 25 years ago, it took me a little work (and a bit of Googling) to compose a fitting academic recommendation. However, following some examples online, I managed to come up with something appropriate. Hope it helps!

Monday, December 4, 2017

"The Good and the Bad of Critiques" Now Appears on CLASSICALLY EDUCATED

My opinion piece "The Good and the Bad of Critiques" now appears on the CLASSICALLY EDUCATED blog. This is the last in the series of my articles that have been something of a weekly feature over at CLASSICALLY EDUCATED.

Considering the negative reactions my opinions often elicit (especially in the writing world), do you suppose this opinion piece article will elicit any negative comments? That could be rather interesting, in an ironic sort of way. Since the gist of the article is ignoring nonconstructive negative criticism, it would be amusing to see it receive nonconstructive negative feedback.

Then again, perhaps my views of the writing world are shaded by all the negativity I witnessed and was subjected to while hanging out on the fringes of that world. Maybe most will agree with my opinion, even when that opinion states you can ignore negative critiques from editors and other writers.

Friday, December 1, 2017

November PoD Stats

My PoD sales/referrals stats for November 2017:

Zazzle - 35 sales (several of which were of multiple items). 0 cancellations, and 2 referrals.

CafePress - 3 completed orders of a total of 4 items, 0 cancelled orders.

Redbubble - 10 sales (2 of which were of multiple items).

In 2016, my stats for November were as follows:

Zazzle - 18 sales (2 of which were of multiple items), 0 cancellations, 0 referrals.

CafePress - 2 completed orders of a total of 3 items, 1 cancelled order.

Redbubble - 8 sales (none of which were of multiple items).

It looks like I did better this November than last. I almost doubled my sales over at Zazzle, which is something nice to see.

One thing the numbers alone don't tell is the type of items sold. Item-wise, I did even better, at least over at Redbubble. My Redbubble sale last November were mostly of stickers, with one greeting card thrown in for good measure. This November, along with the usual stickers, I also sold a couple of scarves and an A-line dress.

Onwards and upwards!

Monday, November 27, 2017


My non-fiction article "Fairy Thefts" is now up at CLASSICALLY EDUCATED. Unlike most of my other articles on CLASSICALLY EDUCATED, this one never saw publication in a zine. However, it has previously appeared here on my own blog. If you haven't read it here, please consider reading it on CLASSICALLY EDUCATED (maybe even leave a comment):

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