Monday, May 21, 2018

Recalibrating the Future Front and Back Cover

Recalibrating the Future
Front Cover
Recalibrating the Future
Back Cover Art

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Another Sale Through Merch by Amazon!

I saw another sale through Merch by Amazon. This time, I sold a standard T-shirt featuring my Fleur-de-lis.

Thank you, buyer! Much appreciated! :)

All of my designs currently live on standard T-shirts over on Merch by Amazon can be found here:
Richard H. Fay

Friday, May 11, 2018

Cover design for TRIO OF TERROR

Being something of an accomplished cover artist, I did my own cover art and design for my Kindle collection TRIO OF TERROR (I think this is like the 4th time I've drawn a redcap):

TRIO OF TERROR Over in Kindle Store

My little collection of three of my previously published horror stories is live in the Kindle store, & it's only $0.99! That's $0.33/story!

Three tales of terror by horror writer and dark poet Richard H. Fay:
"The Redcap of Glamtallon" - while exploring a haunted peel tower, two paranormal investigators encounter something much more sinister than a ghost.
"From Within the Earth" - in this dark flash fiction piece, a vengeful planet unleashes a toxic sludge upon humanity.
"Those from the Shadows" - an occultist summons bloodthirsty shadow beings.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Three More Designs on T-Shirts over on Merch by Amazon

Three more of my works now appear on T-shirts over on Merch by Amazon:

Another of my dinosaur illustrations - Spinosaurus,

A rather retro Halloween design - Pumpkin-Headed Ghost,

And one of the most popular examples of my dark artwork - Denizens of the Diabolic Wood.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Recent PoD Sales, Early May 2018 Edition

Figured it was about time for another one of these posts. I've already seen a handful of PoD sale so far this May. Among other things, been sellin' stuff featuring my "Thistle" again.

SOLD 5/1/2018 through Zazzle (via a 3rd party) and shipped to a recipient in San Francisco, CA: one Illuminated F Pinback Button.

Illuminated F Pinback Button

Illuminated F Pinback Button

by richardfay

SOLD 5/2/2018 through Zazzle and shipped to a recipient in Seattle, WA: two Thistle Stone Magnets.

Thistle Stone Magnet

Thistle Stone Magnet

by richardfay

SOLD 5/3/2018 through Zazzle and shipped to a recipient in Allendale, MI: one Polish Eagle Ping-Pong Paddle.

Polish Eagle Ping-Pong Paddle

Polish Eagle Ping-Pong Paddle

by richardfay

SOLD 5/5/2018 through CafePress to a customer in IE: one Mechanical Dragon T-Shirt.

    Mechanical Dragon T-Shirt

  Mechanical Dragon Dark T-Shirt
    Richard Fay
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  unique gifts at CafePress

SOLD 5/5/2018 through CafePress to a customer in GA, US: one Thistle Sticker.

    Thistle Sticker

  Thistle Decal
    Richard Fay
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More Works on T-Shirts over at Merch by Amazon

More of my works now appear on T-shirts over at Merch by Amazon...
Multi-Colour Heraldic-Style Rose
Apothecary Shop
Irish Harp
Trick-or-Treating Goblin
Cute Pirate Lad
Moon Dragons
Pink Heraldic Rose
Dragon Rampant Vert
Claddagh and Green Knotwork
Griffin Rampant Sable